Bringing Products To Life

Augmensis Technologies is a product research, design and development company, bringing product ideas to life. Whilst the company specialises in software R&D, it is steadily branching into the physical space with brands, such as “Rebellion Foods”, to address and test specific market needs.

Through our own internal processes, we are capable of managing the entire development process. From idea enhancement to manufacturing, right through to distribution and customer aftercare. We can take care of as much or as little as your business requires.

Project Research & Development

Product R&D

Product Research & Development is where we take an idea for a product, hypothesise its viability in different designs, test the hypotheses with prototypes and then adjust and refine the original hypothesis until we have a consistently effective solution. If there are any fundamental flaws with an idea, then it is absolutely critical to find the worst of them during prototyping rather than in production.

R&D also integrates market testing to gather feedback from potential consumers. Augmensis can help to validate the existence of a market and develop a marketing path to acquire potential sales.

Product Manufacturing

For physical products we can assist in the development of the manufacturing process according to expected output quotas. From bespoke, limited-run jigs, through to mass manufacturing runs, we can help figure out the ideal solution to fit your requirements.

Whilst in the prototype phase we make use of the latest in prototyping methods including various 3D printing techniques, computer simulations as well as more traditional methods, depending on what exactly is required.

Bespoke software development

Software Development

With our foundations based in software development, Augmensis also offers bespoke software engineering to our clients. From integrations with 3rd party systems, through to fully automated enterprise software hosted on your own premises, we have the capability to design and develop solutions for almost any platform.

As a Microsoft Partner, Augmensis is able to develop cross-platform applications suitable for Windows and Linux based operating systems, whilst offering competitive rates for managed cloud-based infrastructure.

Managed Web Hosting & Infrastructure

Many of our first customers, through word of mouth, required reliable UK web hosting and email packages. Utilising the industry leading infrastructure from 20i ( we offer access to fully tailored hosting packages, domain names and virtual machines based in the UK to suit your needs.

For international load balancing, we also leverage Microsoft’s Azure platform to enable complete geo-redundancy and replication where required. Regardless of how much, or little, you need in terms of infrastructure, we can build something just for you.