Our Mission

  1. Deliver massive, scalable value to our customers.

  2. Provide stellar customer service.

  3. Empower people to easily help themselves.

  4. Drive innovation and explore new ideas.

  5. Accomplish everything securely.

How we got here

For the last several years Augmensis has been utilising a vast number of channels, both as a consumer and a producer. We’ve sourced, developed and procured products from OEM manufacturers overseas; Managed our own complex inventories and shipments inbound and outbound; Integrated with online platforms such as eBay, Facebook and Amazon; And tried just about every major CRM, ERP and Sales provider available to find a fit for our needs and our budgets.

What’s on offer

Today, we consult with growing SMEs looking to expand their presence online, whilst streamlining their internal processes and resource management. From our own experiences and from listening to the needs of our customers, we’ve built a service that can manage almost everything a business could need, from procurement, to manufacturing, to warehousing to sales and fulfilment. It’s a growing list of functionalities and we have no intention of stopping.

The best part is, we built all of this with flexibility in mind from the start.

Need to integrate with Amazon Fulfilment 3 months into using us? No problem, click a button and its done. No longer require a link to one of your eCommerce stores? No problem, click a button and its done. You get the idea.

Our primary mission is to deliver a service that adds value to your business. If we aren’t making or saving you money somewhere, then something is terribly wrong.

Our promise

We make some bold statements about what we can do, and every member of our team lives and breathes our mission to deliver them. However, whilst we do our best it’s inevitable that we won’t be able to appease all people, all the time. As such, unless there’s a contract in place to say otherwise, you can cancel our services at any point by talking to any member of our customer services team. We won’t tie you into 12-month contracts with early cancellation or transfer-out fees. To top it off, we also offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee on all our services, so if you aren’t completely satisfied with what’s on offer, you’ve lost nothing.